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The Climate Pulse Barometer

How can you tell what people around you are really thinking?

Today there is indisputable evidence that organisational success requires an engaged and aligned workforce with effective relationships between people : leaders, employees, suppliers, customers/clients and stakeholders. However, human nature doesn’t always make this easy. In a formal work situation a person may say one thing openly, but informally or inwardly, may say or mean something different.

It is extremely difficult to read all the subtle nuances and codes that make up the communication and belief systems within which people operate. 

The Climate Pulse Barometer (CPB) is an innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective approach that measures the critical intangibles most managers have to either guess at, or call in cumbersome, costly and time-consuming survey research, requiring specialist interpretative skills and knowledge. The CPB makes information on key intangibles available at all levels of any organisation. It helps to create a high trust work environment where real issues, expectations and concerns are brought to the surface, worked through by the people affected by them, and resolved. However it is much more than this. The Climate Pulse Barometer taps into a wellspring of intuitive and discretionary emotional energy, making possible a whole new level of company excellence.


The Climate Pulse Barometer may be used to :

  • help embed organisational values and align actual behaviour with espoused behaviour
  • provide ongoing sensing of organisational compliance with agreed values
  • focus organisational attention and energy on a critical issue or activity (eg. diversity management, performance management, conflict management, communications)
  • support leadership or team development programs
  • develop inter- team and intra- team relationships

or simply be used to :

  • provide a regular window into the culture of any organisation.

The Climate Pulse Barometer is much more than a surveying tool. While the CPB scans an organisation for fast, accurate information on those intangibles essential for top-class leadership, it has been designed to be much more. The CPB incorporates an approach designed to keep an organisation energised and more able to break out of old paradigms. It is configured to focus an organisation’s leadership around the things that really matter within their field of influence or control. When used in conjunction to help manage complex change programs it can be highly effective tool to engage stakeholders and frame dialogue that helps to build confidence and create support.

Intelligence Focus

Pulse questions used in the CPB are typically combinations of :

  • key questions found through research and experience to be fundamental indicators of organisational health (eg ‘The manager that I report to is an effective leader who is well respected by their direct reports’, ‘My job gives me a sense of worthwhile accomplishment and motivates me to meet performance standards, ‘I receive regular feedback on my performance and development needs’ ) which may be tracked over time


  • questions to explore, challenge and change perceptions, attitudes and/or beliefs on issues with high workforce face validity that are relevant to the organisation at it’s particular stage of development.( eg. ‘The contractors we use can be trusted to do a good job’, ‘We regularly challenge how things are done and successfully adopt new ways of doing them’, ‘Human error is not the cause of major production problems in this organisation’)

The CPB provides instantaneous, worldwide response and feedback. Reports are available ten minutes after the survey closes, on a website accessible to approved participants. As a web-based tool, it is accessible through any company internet access point. Feedback and historical trends are available at any time through the same web-site, facilitating local workgroup ownership of data - and issues.

The CPB will not produce or display results for groups where a specified number of people have not answered. The system has been designed not to use “cookies” or any other intrusive technology to track an individual’s responses, thereby guaranteeing anonymity and confidentiality. The CPB has been designed to gather accurate data by creating an environment where participants feel secure and free to respond to the questionnaire in confidence, thereby ensuring honest, useful data to which managers, team leaders and workgroups can respond. The CPB has been designed to work effectively for organisations as small as ten people, yet it has the capacity to comfortably accommodate the largest global corporation.

The Climate Pulse Barometer taps into a wellspring of intuitive and discretionary emotional energy, making possible a whole new level of company excellence.

Summary of Key Features…

  • A powerful tool to generate energy and facilitate dialogue – flags issues and starts conversations to explore changes, impacts and opportunities,
  • Provides information to identify and drive improvement opportunities at multiple levels -  organisational wide through local; work group,
  • May be fully customised (language/terminology, question set focus, proforma and report formats and apprearance, security etc) to meet organisational specific requirements    
  • Results presented in dashboard format (eg traffic light) to readily identify key areas for improvement with drill down functionality to explore and issues and trends,
  • Questions focus on organisation-relevant factors creating strong face validity with respondents and users; that is question set customised to user requirements/situation,
  • Minimal respondent effort with no ‘behind the scenes’ administration effort,
  • Simple and user friendly questions and data format; immediate feedback,
  • Information ‘owned’ by Line Managers/Workgroup promoting localised accountability to act,
  • Web browser based ensuring that there is only ‘one version of the truth’,
  • Simple graphs used to promote intuitive understanding,
  • May include security provisions to restrict access,
  • Can be used in conjunction with more detailed analytical tools and diagnostics administered over longer timeframes

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