Our Style - Challis International

Our Style

Challis International brings a distinctive consulting style, values and working principles to all of our projects.

Partnership Style Our style and approach is to work in partnership with organisations. We typically establish a status as preferred supplier of services with our clients based on a long term working relationship and solid understanding of client culture and needs. 70% of our work is through repeat business and personal referrals from previous and current clients.

Best Fit Consulting Methods Our approach of working in tandem, with client representatives in a partnership mode, ensures that we bring the best client thinking to bear on the assignment. We add values from our own extensive experience and multi-organisation exposures and input best practice ideas. This partnership approach includes a conscious effort to transfer skills, knowledge and tools to support long term implementation and to encourage client self-sufficiency on similar future activities.Proven Processes and Products for the Development of Capability Although we seek to develop approaches that are client centered we also seek to minimise the time and cost involved in developing such processes and the risks of ‘reinventing the wheel’. Over the years we have identified, developed, proven and accredited a number of standardised processes used to enhance the capability of individuals and teams. These processes add value in their ability to address the particular strategic needs of the client organisation.

Operating Values Our values are to

  • Respond sensitively to client needs and offer all that is necessary to produce a quality result that meets or exceeds requirements.
  • Maintain a strong focus on bottom line business results whilst balancing this with an equally strong regard for people.
  • Respect the management / employee / union relationship and search for performance improvements that also realise work satisfaction.
  • Ensure that good, practical communication and consultation practices are followed to obtain quality input and involvement while creating strong commitment to organisation goals and project outcomes