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Relationship Pulse Barometer

As other forms of competitive advantage erode, managerial effectiveness is increasingly associated with the management of relationships…not employees. Moreover, with today's workplace a shifting sea of full and part-timers, freelancers, temporary and flexible-time workers and teams, the goal of managing relationships has become increasingly illusory. Organisations that have a high return on their leadership investments are able to translate leadership capability into inter-team and intra-team relationship effectiveness. 


Managers have powerful technologies available to them to help them prioritise and contract relationships and expectations between workgroups but very limited tools to help them work with their groups to surface and address issues that impact on relationship effectiveness. The Relationship Pulse Barometer (RPB) is a sophisticated tool that has been developed to help address this need. Used in conjunction with an effective engagement process, the RPB helps workgroups and their leaders :

  • Define the characteristics that underpin relationship effectiveness with critical interface groups. These characteristics will differ for each group in a specific relationship (i.e. what each group needs and receives from the other) and for the same group in different relationships dependent upon the inherent nature of the interaction and interdependency, the history of the relationship,  the personalities and leadership styles involved etc etc,
  • Monitor vital relationship health and key characteristics from both group's perspective and highlight differences in perceptions and needs,
  • Identify relationship strengths and areas requiring improvement,
  • Stimulate energy, interaction and dialogue between workgroup leaders and workgroups through which improvement plans and commitments can be formulated.


An Effective Approach

The tool’s effectiveness is underpinned on it’s ability :

  • to be designed and configured by workgroups to assist them address their own issues,
  • to be simple to use and interpret,
  • to assure respondent confidentiality and thereby increase employee participation,
  • to effectively tap into issues with high workforce face validity where high energy for changen exists,
  • to flex with evolving workgroup relationships and address different issues as the relationship and capacity to manage it evolves.

Key Features


  • A powerful tool to generate energy and facilitate dialogue between workgroups and workgroup leaders
  • Flags issues and starts focused conversations around key drivers of relationship effectiveness,
  • Results presented in dashboard format (eg traffic light) to readily identify strengths and areas for improvement with drill down functionality to explore and issues and trends,
  • Trending capability helps groups monitor success and the effectiveness of actions taken which builds confidence and relationship management capability
  • Minimal respondent effort with no ‘behind the scenes’ administration effort,
  • Simple and user friendly questions and data format; immediate feedback,
  • Information ‘owned’ by Line Managers/Workgroup promoting localised accountability to act,
  • Web browser based ensuring that there is only ‘one version of the truth’,
  • Simple graphs used to promote intuitive understanding,
  • May include security provisions to restrict access,
  • Questions/lines of enquiry can be readily modified over time as focus shifts to new issues,
  • Can be used in conjunction with more detailed analytical tools and diagnostics administered over longer timeframes.

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