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With increased complexity of electrical equipment/plant, standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring and assuring electrical safety and compliance in the workplace and meeting the expectations of regulatory agencies in creating safe systems of work and the active management of risk to ALARP requirements, requires specialist expertise.

Our consultants, have an average of over 30 years experience helping organisations achieve Best Practice standards of electrical safety. We are also approved validators of Electrical Safety Management schemes by Energy Safe Victoria. (Energy Safe Victoria is Victoria’s statutory independent electricity, gas and pipeline safety and technical regulator).

Service offerings include :

Electrical Hazards Assessment Reviews

Electrical Safety Policies Reviews

Scope Challenge Reviews (Projects and Turnarounds)

Electrical Incident/Accident Reviews

Electrical Organisational Structure, Skills and Capabilities Reviews

Electrical Work Processes, Permitry and Safe Systems of Work Reviews

Electrical Masterplanning Reviews

Electrical Testing, Inspection & Maintenance Strategies/ Plans Reviews

Short Circuit and Co-ordination Studies

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

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