Change Management Approach - Challis International

Change Management Approach


In all organisational or functional change activity there are always strong supporters of the need for change, together with people who are either not coping with the change or are actively resisting change.

Our success in Change Management activities is based on a process that:
• Establishes realistic expectations,
• Is based on the level of support that will be given by the executive and senior managers,
• Ensures the vision for change is shared and constantly reinforced
• Involves the relevant stakeholders (internal staff and external stakeholders),
• Provides those managing and responsible for the change with the critical intelligence needed to manage change within their sphere of influence
• Enables key issues to be surfaced and addressed, 
• Ensures the client maintains control of their management processes.

This approach ensures that the client maintains ongoing control that is critical for the change and that improvement momentum is sustained.

Concepts Underpinning Our Approach

Challis International’s model of Change Management applies a number of key concepts in planning and managing change. These are: 
• understanding why people resist change -individuals interpret each change situation in light of their attitudes and beliefs.
• understanding the process of change - using Kurt Lewin's approach of unfreezing old attitudes, introducing change, and then refreezing attitudes around the new change.
• understanding that we cannot change personality, but managers can significantly influence the work environment and manage behaviour

We encourage the establishment of a change project goal that is linked to the organisation's most vital objectives.

Our role

To help by :
• establishing the initial change plan to guide the change process, 
• providing the client with appropriate change processes and tools, etc) to use through the change process,
• assisting leaders in addressing key issues that arise through the change process
• coaching to leaders and change agents if/as required.